Bago is a city and the capital of Bago Region in Myanmar (Burma). It is located 50 miles (80 km) north-east of Yangon.According to legend, two Mon princesses from Thaton founded Bago in 573 CE. It was written in the chronicles that eight years after enlightenment, Lord Buddha along with his disciples flew around the Southeast Asian countries. On his return journey while crossing the Gulf of Martaban, which happened to be at low tide, he saw two golden sheldrakes sitting, female on top of male, on a peak of land protruding out of the sea just enough for a bird’s perch.

Kanbawza Thadi Palace

From 1369–1539, Hanthawaddy was the capital of the Mon Kingdom of Hanthawaddy, which covered all of what is now Lower Burma. The area came under Burman control again in 1539, when it was annexed by King Tabinshweti to his Kingdom of Toungoo. The kings of Taungoo made Bago their royal capital from 1539–1599 and again in 1613–1635, and used it as a base for repeated invasions of Siam. As a major seaport, the city was frequently visited by Europeans, who commented on its magnificence.

Shwetha Lyaung Pagoda (Golden Recling Buddhist Image)

One of the famous sites in Bago is the 54.8 metre (180 feet) long Shwe Thar Lyaung, a beautiful reclining Buddha image that was discovered in the 19th century under the jungle that had covered it.

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