Tanintharyi Division

Tanintharyi Region historically included the entire Tanintharyi peninsula—today’s Tanintharyi Region, Mon State and southern Kayin State. The northernmost peninsula region was part of the Thaton Kingdom before 1057, and the entire coastline became part of King Anawrahta’s Pagan Empire after 1057. After the fall of Pagan in 1287, the area fell to the Siamese kingdom of Sukhothai, and later its successor Ayutthaya Kingdom.


Dawei, in Tanintharyi Division, is a coastal region lies in Southern part of Myanmar with an area of more than 2,600 square miles. Various nationalities such as Bamar, Mon, Kayin, Rakhine and Shan totalling over 120,000 are residing in Dawei. Formerly the city was known as "Tavoy".


Myeik is a town located in Tanintharyi Division of Myanmar, which is situated on the southernmost part of the country.

Myeik's economy has been rising from exporting of local products such as tin, tungsten, dried fish, dried prawns, Ngapi or fish paste, salt and rubber.

Maungmagan Beach

Maungmagan beach is located in Tanintharyi Division near Dawei, the capital city of the state. The scenic Maungmagan beach is approximately 45-minutes’ drive away from Dawei.


At 1859, a local Chinese and Thais group is settled at Maliwan, a village 24 miles north of Kawthaung (thenVictoria Point). Maliwan is noted for its numerous lakes and flower trees called Maliwan in Thai Language. And at 1865, an Arab-Malay group led by Nayuda Ahmed, traveling and collecting sea products around Mergui Archipelago start to form a base and village at bay of Victoria Point.

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